Having a tooth extracted is a common dental procedure, but does require some precautions during your recovery period. At R2 Center for Dentistry, we provide patients with high level, affordable dental care that patients can count on. When patients visit our office, we want them to know they are in good hands and feel comfortable and relaxed. If you have any problems with a tooth and think you may need an extraction, we are the preferred dentist for tooth removals in East Wichita, and are happy to help.

What Precautions Should I Take After My Tooth Extraction?

When patients are recovering from a dental procedure it is always smart to follow the at home recovery instructions. If you are a smoker, we always recommend patients delay using any tobacco products after a tooth extraction for as long as possible. We understand a smoker is not likely to quit smoking easily after a tooth extraction. Nicotine from tobacco products irritates the gums and the extraction site, and this can lead to problems.

Inhaling Smoke Can Loosen Blood Clots

Smokers use a sucking motion to inhale the smoke, and this suction can loosen the blood clot that has formed over the extraction site. If the wound becomes loose the blood clot can no longer protect the area, and this can lead to infection, or cause the socket to dry out. If you have an open wound in your mouth, you may notice this causes bad breath.

Exhaling Smoke Can Cause Dry Sockets

Exhaling smoke can also cause issues for patients recovering from a tooth extraction. This can dislodge the blood clot and cause a dry socket. Dry sockets slow the healing process, and cause pain in the jaw and face. Patients that experience pain after a tooth extraction should always call the office and be seen right away.

Chemicals Can Cause Inflamation or Bleeding

When patients smoke you are inhaling chemicals such as nicotine, and this can cause issues such as inflammation or bleeding. Nicotine also decreases oxygen in the blood, and this can slow the healing process.

At R2 Center for Dentistry we always recommend patients avoid smoking and try to quit the habit if possible. Overall, smoking is harmful to your health, and can cause complications if you have a tooth extracted. If you use tobacco products, we recommend discussing this during your consultation, and we can prepare you for what is required to heal properly.

We ask that patients wait at least 72 hours before they resume any smoking after a tooth extraction.

What Can I Do to Prevent the Urge to Smoke?

Patients that smoke should try and distract themselves from the habit during the healing process. Taking up a new hobby is always a great idea, or wearing a nicotine patch can also help. We do not recommend patients vape because that has similar sucking and breathing motions, and this can also cause healing risks. Nicotine gum is not recommended because chewing can irritate the area where the tooth was extracted.

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