Pediatric Dentistry

What happens during your child's first visit?

Your child will be greeted in our office and brought to one of our operatories. They will sit in the chair and a cleaning will be done to remove buildup from their teeth. We then perform an examination, which looks for problem teeth, growth and development as well as cavities. From there, we will recommend treatment options according to your child’s needs. We will provide them with education and recommendations so that they can keep their teeth looking their best at home. It is important that your child comes into the office once every six months for a preventative care appointment. 

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Why does my child need to see the Dentist?

Dental care is incredibly important when it comes to your child’s smile. It is recommended that children first come in for a dental checkup as soon as their baby teeth begin to come in. However, it’s not uncommon for parents to wait until their child is about two years old before bringing them into the office. We are here to provide your children with the care that they both need and deserve. 

How often should I take my child to the Dentist?

We recommend bringing your child into our office once every six months for an exam. These exams are done quickly and easily, and we can offer other preventative care options to keep your child’s teeth strong and healthy. These other treatment options include sealants and fluoride. With consistent at-home care and routine professional exams, your child will have a full and healthy smile for life. 

What can you and your child expect during Pediatric Dental Exams?

We will greet your child and have them sit comfortably in one of our examination rooms. We understand that children often feel nervous and scared when visiting the dentist. This is why we take every step possible to ensure their time with us is comfortable and incredibly relaxed. Dr. Bloom will quickly yet thoroughly examine your child’s teeth. Any work needing to be done will be noted and discussed after the exam. Fluoride may be added to your child’s teeth to keep them strong. Fluoride treatments take just seconds, and your child will be unable to eat or drink anything for about 30 minutes following their appointment. 

They are simply the best. The professionalism is outstanding. The respect and kindness they show is beyond compare. And I haven’t even mentioned their skill set. Best dentist I’ve ever been to.
Brad W.

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