Fluoride Treatments

What are Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride can typically be found in a good majority of dental products available on the market. Fluoride is designed to protect and strengthen teeth, making them less vulnerable to tooth decay. Whether you’re looking for a way to further protect your teeth or you don’t use fluoride at home, we offer treatments that are specific to your needs. Fluoride treatments take just seconds to apply in our office, so they’re a great option for patients of all ages.

Why might Fluoride Treatments be needed?

The reason you might benefit from fluoride treatments is because you don’t use fluoride at home. Your teeth might be more susceptible to decay, and you’re looking for a way to further protect them. For children, we normally apply fluoride in conjunction with their cleaning appointments as a way to protect their teeth. Children are often more prone to developing tooth decay.

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Who is a candidate for Fluoride Treatments?

To determine if you might benefit from fluoride treatments, we will examine your teeth and ask you about the products that you’re using at home. For our pediatric patients, we normally apply fluoride automatically at their appointments. As a parent, you can request fluoride treatments for either yourself or your child at any time. You will find that these treatments help to prevent instances of tooth decay.

What happens during Fluoride Treatments?

The procedure is done easily and quickly in our office. First, we apply a clear fluoride varnish to the teeth. The fluoride is able to soak into the teeth, providing them with the protection that your smile needs. You should avoid brushing, drinking or rinsing for about an hour following your appointment. The entire treatment takes just minutes in the office. In fact, you can have fluoride applied to your teeth at any time and in conjunction with other procedures that are being done for your own convenience.

If you think you might benefit from fluoride treatments, call our office today so that we are able to get you in for a consultation appointment.