When choosing a restorative option, patients should understand that there are alternatives to dental implants they should consider. Dental implants are the most popular choice for restoring your smile. This is because dental implants work well, are durable, and give patients the ability to speak and chew like they would with natural teeth. Implants are built to last, and are a great investment if you are looking for that perfect smile.

Weighing your options is important, and at R2 Center for Dentistry we are the premier dentists in East Wichita, and offer many restorative options for our patients. During our consultation process we make sure to discuss all of the options patients should consider, to ensure they have looked at everything. Our staff will help each patient make the right choice that works best.

What Alternatives Are Available?

Root Canal Therapy or Gum Disease Treatment

R2 Center for Dentistry always tries to save your tooth before resorting to any other procedures. Before deciding on implants, it is important to look at each tooth, and determine if that tooth can be saved with gum disease treatment or root canal therapy.

Gum disease treatment cleans out any infection around the tooth, and then allows that tooth to heal. This helps to stabilize the tooth and allows the patient to keep their natural tooth for longer. Root canal therapy can help treat an infection inside the tooth. We can clean out the tooth and try to save it by making it stable again. If needed, we can reinforce the tooth and affix a crown on top of it. This also gives the patient the opportunity to save their natural tooth for longer. Both of these options can be discussed during your examination in our office. Depending on the severity these may not be viable options.

Dental Bridges

Another alternative option is using a dental bridge to restore your smile. Dental bridges can act similar to implants, and are fully fixed in your mouth.  The bridge is supported by dental crowns on either side of the missing tooth. Bridges do not slip or click like other restorative options.


Dentures are another alternative to implants, but dentures are not as effective. Dentures do not function like natural teeth, and they can be uncomfortable. The positive side of dentures is that they tend to be a less expensive option.

R2 Center for Dentistry is YOUR preferred East Wichita Dentist, and we serve patients of all ages with quality and affordable dental care. To discuss the options for restoring your smile we recommend contacting our office, and scheduling an implant consultation.

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